Time at the table

When I think back to my childhood, I think of summers spent outside and dinner time. Dinner time has always been a big deal to our family. My mom would cook enough to feed twenty people and always encourage everyone to eat more, eat more, eat more! Of course I thought she was trying to fatten us all up, but now, I know that was not the case. Dinner time was special. It was the only time we all got to sit down together during the week. My mom was very aware of that and she knew exactly how to draw us in. She would cover the table in delicious dishes. Everyone wanted to sit at my mom's table. We loved and still love time spent at her table. My mom had two dinner rules. The first rule was, chew with your mouth closed. The second rule was this, if the phone rang during dinner we ignored it. We ignored it because that was our uninterrupted time together. Also, we had an answering machine. If it was important, a message would start blaring out of the living room like it was the nightly news. Thankfully, it was never an emergency message.

Now, that I have a family of my own, I really understand the importance of having distraction free dinner time. It's the one time of the day everyone gets to sit down together, pray together and eat together. My favorite time is, time at the table. This is the time I am not willing to trade for anything else.

You might be asking yourself, how do I get more time at the table? Take two lessons from my mom. Cover the table in delicious dishes. They don't have to be your own, self made dishes. Order take out or go out if you want to. If a phone lights up during dinner, ignore it. The missed call can wait.

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