My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favorite things. I like them almost as much as I like books. You can pretty much find a podcast about anything. A friend of mine actually showed me some of the crime investigation and ghost story podcasts that she is into. I had no clue there were crime investigation podcasts. Like I said, you can find a podcast about anything.

There is so much information in podcasts. There are so many topics. It’s extremely entertaining! I like to keep my podcast listening to well trusted sources and I also like to keep it light. Here are some of the podcasts I enjoy:

The Dave Ramsey Show - Love, love love!!! Tons of great information!

The Chris Hogan Show - Tons of great information and this man is so smart!

The Business Boutique Podcast - I love all the inspirational stories from the guests! Christy is awesome.

Barbell Logic Podcast - You will need earbuds for this one!!! Do NOT listen to this one at work without earbuds!!! Lifting, whiskey and a dose of sick and twisted humor.

Decorating Tips and Tricks - Seriously one of my favorites! Anita and Kelly are so fun! You can actually learn to via listening. Also, they link all the products in the show notes.

Women Who Travel - Learn about hidden gems, what’s new, what not to do. It’s great.

Journeys of Faith - I love hearing about Journeys of Faith. Paula Farris interviews people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. It helps bring down the stereotypical walls and just see the person, not the religion.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do!

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