Halloween with the Scroggin's

Halloween is the spectacular kick off to the holiday season. We spend the entire month of October replaying Free Form’s Halloween movies. As soon as Hocus Pocus drops, it’s showtime! I fill the house with pumpkins of all colors and sizes while music from the Adam’s Family plays in the background. I LOVE OCTOBER! I can’t even explain how amped up I get thinking about passing out Halloween candy. This year, Halloween is on a Saturday and we can stay up late. I am so excited!

Last year, I told Chase his Halloween costume budget was thirty dollars.

He thought for a minute and said (Mom’s you will love this!), “I could spend thirty dollars on a costume and walk all over the place to get candy…..or maybe I could just spend thirty dollars on Halloween Candy and not walk all over the place to collect it.” This kid is smart. Believe me, for a second I thought, “No part of the fun is walking door to door and working for this candy.” Then I thought wait a minute, we could totally do that and stay home. We could order pizza, watch movies, do Halloween crafts and have an awesome stay in! This will be great! I ran the idea by Michael and he was a little reluctant as well, but he agreed.

I cued up the DVR to record Hocus Pocus, BeetleJuice and Casper. My next step was to visit Hobby Lobby in search of Halloween crafts. I scored some monster kits, paper pumpkin kits and Halloween stickers for about ten dollars. I searched for some Halloween food ideas and easily settled on making witch fingers and sugar cookies. The Witch Finger recipe is at the bottom of the page.

I stalked the weather forecast for the entire week leading up to Halloween. I was so afraid that I would regret agreeing to this. I kept thinking, what if it’s 70 degrees and clear as a bell. That would be a perfect trick or treating forecast. October 31, 2019 the forecast called for rain, to sleet, to snow. The weather that day was absolutely awful. It was freezing and wet. The ice and snow was blowing at a blurring speed. The window screens were covered in ice.

I picked Chase up from school and he said, “Mom, I am so glad I chose to stay home. It’s freezing, but we won’t be freezing.” I did not see a single trick or treater outside that night. I was so grateful we had stayed home to have an awesome Halloween stay in. We had a great time. Michael picked up some pizzas, we did our crafts, made our witch fingers and watched our movies. We had a nice big bowl of thirty dollars worth of Halloween candy sitting on the coffee table too. Chase has great taste in Halloween candy.

Halloween Witch Fingers

You will need the following

large pretzel rods

white melting chocolate

green food coloring

sliced almonds

black decorating frosting

wax paper

  1. Lay out a long sheet of wax paper.

  2. Melt the chocolate according to the package directions. Add green food coloring and stir. Add more as needed until you reach our desired shade of green.

  3. Dip a pretzel rod in the chocolate. Use a spoon to help scrape the chocolate over the pretzel rod if the bowl is not deep enough.

  4. Lay the pretzel on the wax paper.

  5. Press and almond slice on the tip.

  6. Repeat steps 3 through 4 until you have about a half cup of chocolate left.

  7. Drizzle remaining chocolate over the pretzels rods.

  8. Paint the nails black with the black frosting.

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