Gratitude and Love



  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.



  1. feel deep affection for (someone). Opposite: hate

  2. like or enjoy very much.

2020 has been the most bizarre year of my life, well probably most of our lives. It is easy to focus on the pandemic, the political unrest, the political divide, the lockdowns, the travel bans, the fires, the murder hornets, the mysterious seeds and most importantly the hate. I have had to put myself in check a few times this year and step away from all media outlets. It is important to step away, refocus and think through things clearly. I refuse to let anyone tell me how I should feel or think about anything. I will continue to think for myself, be myself and remember that God is in control. I will continue to have an attitude of gratitude. I will continue to choose love over hate.

2020 has brought many positive things into my life. I think attention needs to be paid to all the positive, wonderful things that did occur.

  • My blog went live January 1, 2020. This was huge for me. I was terrified and excited to start this. So far, I have met my goals and have slowly built Pots to Plates throughout the year. It has been an awesome, creative outlet for me. I love writing and I love cooking. The blog has been prayers answered in so may ways.

  • During the pandemic, I got a huge break. It was summer break in the spring time. I never thought I would see another break like this as an adult. I was able to stay home, work on projects and rest. The sleep was wonderful! I was cooking so much too. It was the perfect time to try new things. My husband and I had not had a break together in almost three years. We got a full 5 weeks of time together.

  1. How many of you tried the Dalgona coffee? We did and it did not disappoint.

  2. Who knew there was a tiger society spanned across multiple states?

  3. Tik-tok did not disappoint either. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  4. I absolutely loved seeing the videos of everyone exercising together, singing together and having dinner on their separate balconies of their apartment buildings all around the world. The unity and resilience of the human spirit was a beautiful thing to see.

  5. We had the advantage of seeing spectacular cities from all across the globe without any people blocking the view. I love the videos from Italy and France so much.

  • Our oldest son graduated from high school. We had the graduation ceremony right in our living room complete with smothered taco bowls and of course champagne for Michael and I. That was a very unique graduation ceremony. The class of 2020 may be the only class to ever have such an experience.

  • After three long years of following God and Dave Ramsey’s financial plan, we became debt free. It was a long three years and a lot of saying no. When the pandemic hit, we were prepared. It was a little scary going into the unknown. Had we been frugal enough? Had we stocked up enough? Again, I had to remember that God was in control. God provided in abundance and we were not deterred from meeting our financial goals. Michael and I may actually have a Christmas present under our tree for each other this year.

  • We had dinner at a restaurant with friends to celebrate finishing baby step 2! We have dinner plans for the future! Finally, no more baby step 2 and we are finishing up baby step 3. We are almost there.

  • I have had an ample amount of time to study and focus on things I enjoy. It has been an amazing year of discovery for me. I was able to rest, relax, be creative and read anything I wanted. Thank you for the extra time at home.

2020 has been a test of the mind. It is no secret that what you allow into your life will affect how you feel, act and live. If you only focus on the bad things that have occurred in 2020, you will forget all of the great things that happened to you in 2020. It is important to surround yourself with grateful and kind thoughts as well as grateful and kind people. This may be the most important time period of our lives to approach the world with gratitude and love.

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for so many things. Most of all I am thankful to have amazing, supportive and kind people in my life.



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