All Things Fall

I am one of those “All Things Fall” kind of women. I absolutely love fall. Ever since I was a child, this has been my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the change in nature's scenery, the orchards, the pumpkin patches, the bon fires, the festivals, the weather and of course the pumpkin spice! I love the excitement of fall. There is so much to do.

My family and I started going to the covered bridge festivals when I was in the first grade. If you have not heard of the covered bridge festival, I will enlighten you. The Covered Bridge Festival is a travelling, fall festival. They set up around historic, wooden covered bridges. I believe they start in Ohio and sweep across the mid-west. Vendors come from all over the country and they sell everything. There are hand made decorations, jewelry, pottery, paintings, hand carved wood furniture, Amish noodles and jams, ice cream, candles, pies, cookies, giant caramel apples, Cajun food, deep fried anything and a whole lot more. The air smells like kettle corn, German roasted nuts and homemade potato chips fresh out of the fryer. I have a favorite ice cream stand at the best location, Bridgeton. Thanksgiving was the only chance I had at pumpkin anything until 1 year, Bridgeton had pumpkin pie ice cream. This was 20 years before the pumpkin spice explosion. It’s still the best hand dipped, hard ice cream in the world! It is literally a once a year treat. I go for the ice cream and the German roasted nuts. Of course I love walking around and looking too.

Each year we visit at least one pumpkin patch and one apple orchard. We love getting in the car on a Saturday and going to pick apples and drink apple cider slushies. Apple picking leads to apple pies. I bake a lot of apple pies. There are so many nice orchards to visit in our state. We found a great orchard near us that has the best apple cider donuts in the world and like the pumpkin ice cream, it’s a once a year treat.

This is the best time of year to drink coffee outside. I am up early on the weekends too. I always have my first cup of coffee in the quiet by myself. That is my morning self care. I sit outside as much as I can in the fall. In the mornings, I take a blanket and my coffee to my porch to watch the sunrise. Watching the sky change from purple, to pink, then pink to a golden glow in the fall is different. The frost covered, fall colored trees and dried cornfields produce an amber, glitter glow. The fall sunrise is sheer perfection.

I truly enjoy my time in the fall. I cook more. I bake more. The excitement of the holidays start buzzing through the air. The fall is definitely my most creative and most loved time of the year.

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