All the things that happened overnight

Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on being a mother. For twenty years, I have been a mother. Two decades in the making. I have been a mother for more than half of my life. When I think of all the details and occurrences in twenty years, it seems like all the things happened overnight. It is the end and it is the beginning.

I can’t tell you how many laughs, how many tears, how many prayers and how many unforgettable moments have occurred since September of 2000. I can remember most of the good, some of the bad and all of the milestones. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I have been given.

When I think back to getting up in the middle of the night for diaper changes, it seems like a million years ago. When I think back to the first day of second grade, it seems like a year ago. When I think of that little, middle school boy being brought to the front door by the neighborhood watchman for trying to sneak back in the house, it seems like yesterday. I am still tired from the late night wake up. When I think of the high school/teenage years, it seems like we were wandering in the desert for forty years! Time is funny that way.

I wouldn’t change anything. It’s been amazing, it’s been frustrating, it’s been enlightening but mostly it has been an honor. Being your mother has been an honor. Two decades in the making, all leading to graduation day. I am proud of you.

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